The map depicts the general coverage area and is not a guarantee of coverage. Coverage is not available everywhere. The map displays only the predicted and approximate wireless coverage for voice calls, while outdoors, of the network including roaming coverage, if applicable. The coverage areas shown do not guarantee service availability, and may include locations with limited or no coverage. Within coverage areas, there may be significant limitations or interruptions in coverage that may impact service and result in dropped and blocked connections, slower data speeds and call interference. This could occur due to many factors including network changes, traffic volume or outages, your device, technical limitations, signal strength, the terrain, your proximity to buildings, foliage or other obstructions, weather and other conditions. You will not be able to operate your phone or make 911 calls if service is not available. Coverage maps are based on information provided by network carriers and public sources and we cannot guarantee their accuracy. Coverage maps may also vary based on your home location, phone and/or plan.

4G LTE Nationwide Coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks.

Because TracFone uses the same towers as the big cellular carriers, you get the same coverage as big cellular carriers. With Nationwide Coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks, TracFone’s coverage goes where you go. Plus, it has the speed you need to do all the things you want—surf, download, stream. Whatever.

† Requires a compatible or unlocked 4G LTE smartphone. Actual availability, coverage, and speed may vary. LTE is a trademark of ETSI.

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We’ve taken the worry out of finding the best coverage. Just tell us where you’ll be using your TracFone the most and our Nationwide Coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks does the rest!

Minute Cards

Android™ Smartphone Plans with Talk, Text & Data starting at just $19.99.

It's true -- TracFone has a 90-day no-contract Android™ Smartphone plan at just $19.99. And never any contracts. We’ve designed our plans to be flexible so you’re able to use just what you need every month—and with Unlimited Carryover®, your unused minutes, text and data never expire as long as your service is active and in use within any six month period. Nothing wasted. Especially not your time.
A month equals 30 days. Plans and phones/SIMS sold separately. Airtime Service Plan required for activation.

  • 1.

    Pay As You Go

    With no contracts to worry about, you only pay for what you use.

  • 2.

    Monthly Plan

    Automatically receive minutes on your TracFone every month.

  • 3.


    Add data so you can surf, download, stream and more.

3 phones

The phones you want. The brands you trust.

Let’s be honest—you can buy a cell phone pretty much anywhere. So what makes TracFone the right choice for you? Start with our huge selection of quality phones from top manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Huawei, paired with our Nationwide Coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks. It’s that combination of getting a lot and paying a little that makes TracFone so unbeatable.

intl calling

Call where you want, when you want. Even internationally.

With TracFone, you can call hundreds of international destinations for the same price as a local call. The best part? International calling comes with every TracFone, so there’s no activation, cancellation or daily fees.
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