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Minutes/Airtime Cards/Plans

Q: How will the triple minutes work with Android™ Smartphones?

A: When you purchase a TracFone Android™ Smartphone, we triple every airtime card you buy. For example, if you buy a 200 minute card, you will get 600 minutes for talk, 600 texts and 600 MB of data.

Q: How does this work with the monthly value plan?

A: The way it works is the 50 Value Plan become 150 minutes, 150 texts, and 150 MB data.

Q: Is there a way to just add texts to the Smartphone?

A: There isn’t a way to just add texts to the phone at this time. In order to add texts, you must buy another airtime card. If you have minutes remaining but no texts, you will need to buy an airtime card to add more texts.

Q: If my data runs out before my minutes, does it use my minutes?

A: No, it does not. Data can only be used for data.

Q: If I don't use my initially-purchased minutes in 90 days, do I lose them?

A: With Unlimited Carryover® you can keep any unused minutes/text/data; however, you must have an active service to do so, and you must add an airtime card to your account before the Service End Date.

Q: How do I add minutes to my Smartphone?

A: Add an airtime card whenever you need more minutes. The minutes and service days you add to your TracFone will be added to those you already have. You can purchase and add airtime via our website or by calling 1-800-867-7183.

Q: If I don't like this Smartphone, can I transfer my minutes, texts, data or service days back to another TracFone device?

A: At that point you can only transfer your service days, not the minutes, texts or data.

Q: Can I buy minutes from my phone?

A: No. You can only buy minutes by visiting our website or call our customer service center. You can also buy airtime cards at over 100,000 retail locations.


Q: Can I transfer my number and minutes from another TracFone device to my Android™ Smartphone?

A: Yes. You can transfer both your number and any remaining minutes from your current TracFone to the Android™ Smartphone.

Q: Will my address book and pictures transfer?

A: No. Your address book and pictures will not automatically transfer from your old TracFone device to your new Android™ Smartphone. But once you activate the new Android™ Smartphone, you may be able to use the Bluetooth feature to transfer your address book and pictures. Instructions to transfer your contacts can be found here:

Q: I am enrolled in the Easy Exchange program. Can I use this service with my new phone?

A: Yes. Easy Exchange covers electrical and mechanical malfunction after the one-year manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Q: Is tethering allowed?

A: Tethering is not allowed.

Q: How do I keep the phone activated?

A: Purchase and add an airtime Service Plan before your Service Days expire.

Q: If I purchase this Smartphone with a new number, can I transfer my current number to this phone at a later date?

A: Yes. You may transfer your telephone number from another company to TracFone. To port your existing telephone number to your TracFone Smartphone, the number you are porting must be active with your current service provider.

Q: How do I transfer my contacts?

A: When activating your Android™ Smartphone, your new handset will ask you to create a Google account. Your contacts should be stored in your new or current Google account.

Q: How do I check my balance?

A: There are several ways to check your balance. There is a Check Balance app/widget available in the Google Play store where you can check your balance directly on your Android™ Smartphone. You can also check your balance in the My Account tab on our website, on the Check Balance page or by calling customer service.

Q: Will I still be charged for incoming texts or only the ones I send?

A: Yes. You will be charged for both incoming and outgoing texts. Long texts may be separated into two or more texts.

Q: How are multimedia texts charged to this phone?

A: Depending on the downloaded content, the device will deduct the texts based on your multimedia purchase. Data is required to download multimedia texts, therefore you will be charged for both the text and the amount of data that is needed to download the file.

Q: Can I use minutes to buy apps with this phone or is a Google Play card required?

A: Minutes cannot be used to purchase apps. They must be purchased separately through Google Play.

Q: Why do I have to buy a new airtime card every 90 days if I haven't used all my minutes?

A: In order to keep your service active, you will need to buy a new airtime card before your service days expire (e.g. every 90 days if you have a 90 day service plan).

Q: If I use this Smartphone on a monthly value plan, will everything triple there as well?

A: Yes. For example, if you enroll in the 50 minute monthly value plan, you will get 150 minutes, 150 texts and 150 MB of data.

Q: When I buy minutes will they expire?

A: With Unlimited Carryover® you can keep any unused minutes as long as you have active service.

Q: Does this Smartphone have an app similar to Siri on the iPhone?

A: No. Android™ Smartphones do not have an app similar to Siri. However, Android™ Smartphones do have specific features. For example, there is a voice recognition feature on the Samsung Galaxy Centura that can automatically create emails and texts and provide driving directions based on voice commands.

Q: After 30 days can I port my number to my new phone?

A: Yes. You may transfer your telephone number from another company to your TracFone device at that time. To port your existing telephone number to your TracFone device, the number you are porting must be active with your current service provider.

Q: Can I test this Smartphone before I port my number?

A: No. You cannot test the Smartphone before you port your number.

Q: Can this phone sync up with my tablet?

A: Please see your tablet’s user guide for more information.

Q: Can this phone read barcodes?

A: Yes. You can download a free barcode reader app from the Google Play store.

Q: I am a SafeLink customer. Would I be able to purchase an Android and use it on SafeLink?

A: No, TracFone Androids are not compatible with SafeLink service.

Q: Is the phone CDMA or GSM?

A: It is CDMA.

Q: Is the phone 3G or 4G?

A: All of our TracFone Android™ Smartphones are 3G.

Q: With this Smartphone do I have the option to connect to free Wi-Fi instead of using airtime?

A: Yes. However, please be aware that public Wi-Fi may not be secure.

Q: When using TracFone data, am I using one minute for each minute I am using TracFone data/Internet?

A: On TracFone Android™ Smartphones, minutes are used for voice only and data is deducted separately based on your data usage.

Q: Can I stream YouTube and Pandora on a 3G connection?

A: Yes, but you must have a balance of data.

Q: What Android version does this phone use?

A: The Android version used depends on each device; however, each runs at least Android 4.0.

Q: Can I use this phone as a hotspot?

A: No. Please refer to TracFone’s Terms of Service.

Q: What apps are already installed on the Smartphone?

A: Each Smartphone comes with the standard Android apps installed.

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